Thursday, March 19, 2009

Biopsy, Sorority, Crushing, etc.

I didn't want to tarnish his beautiful pics with my drama...I had the biopsy of my uterus on Tuesday. In a word: OOOOOUUUUUCCCCHHHH! OB1 did not one but two passes with the needle. I won't get the results until next week...we'll see!

I passed my sorority test with a 94%, WHEW! I'm glad that part's over. Now I'm working on my two presentations. One is my tangible gift to the chapter. I'm putting together a creative snaphot of the chapter members that they can use for visitors, conferences, meetings, etc. I'm also working on my presentation for my reclamation brunch this Saturday. I'm doing a retrospective look at some of my poems as they relate to some of the chapter's ideals. I'm excited about reading since I haven't done an open mic since last year - YIKES! As of right now hubby has to work (what else is new), but the kids, mom, my sister, my bffl, my boss lady, maybe an alum, maybe my cousin, and maybe my aunt will be in attendance. I have to wear all white since part of the brunch is a rededication to the sorority, and I'm trying to get my hands on some African garb to wear while I do my presentation. It should be quite a Saturday afternoon!

Oh, and the most interestingly funny/exciting/OMG thing to happen last week...drumroll please:

Maddy had her first crush!!!
She's only 8yrs old!!

I overheard her on the phone with one of her friends, and then spent the next day conspiring with her teacher to find out about "The Letter". Evidently, she wrote this boy in her class a letter telling him how much she liked him and that she just couldn't help herself. EESSH! We had a brief discussion when she came home from school about what crushes mean, and what you should or shouldn't do about them. I explained the difference between crushes and being in love or loving someone. She said she understood but we'll see. I asked her what was it about this boy that made her have a crush on him in the first place. Her response, "He's nice to me and when I'm sad he tells me jokes. Plus he's really cute and has really nice blond hair." Yes, my daughter's first crush is a little white boy. Which is inevitable since she's about the only black girl in the third grade. There are maybe 7 black students in the entire elementary school, so it is what it is. She had asked me about this last year after seeing an interacial couple. She wanted to know if I would be "mad" at her if she liked a boy that wasn't the same color as her. Of course I explained that no one could control who they liked and as long as she was happy and that person treated her nice, mommy could never be "mad". And she was 7 then!! Anyway, back to the current crush, it turns out that this boy wrote her a note back that simply said: "Thank you for your letter". OUCH! I asked her if she was okay with his response and she said yes. We then talked about how you can't force how you feel on someone else and you can't make someone like you. She told me that she just wanted him to know how she felt and now they can be friends. Though I'm relieved there's no boyfriend-girlfriend scenario yet, I feel a little sad for her. I am incredibly proud of how she handled her "rejection". I thought with my child there would have been weeks of crying and moping, but she took it like a pro (maybe there have been other crushes? last year perhaps?) Man, I've got another 8 more years of crushing nonsense ahead of me...YAY????? *distant sound of gunshot*

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Jen said...

Oh...holy cow! That's too funny about the note! Isn't it amazing how much things have changed since we were kids? But, seriously, it just sounds so sweet and innocent...I love it! :)