Friday, June 5, 2009

Here he is on the "big boy" table. He was loving the fact that the
paper he was sitting on made noise, he went to town on it...and here I
was worried that he would have nothing to play with when he get to FL,
I can just let him play with anything that crinkles LOL. He was
enjoying this check up until the doctor had him "open wide" with the
tongue depressor, he was pissed and hollered his head off. Then when
he got his shot he whimpered for a hot second. He slapped me too, like
"WTF" and gave the doc the evil eye for the rest of the appointment.
When we get back the doc agreed that I can start fruits with his
cereal twice a day. I say agree b/c mom wants me to start asap but
with the trip the doc agrees that waiting to make sure he gets no
other allergies while we're away makes the most sense. So there
(sticking my tongue out as if mom were right here) LOL

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