Sunday, July 26, 2009

He Found His Willie!!

It's over! All of my mommies with boys have been telling me this would happen and I just thought they were just kidding. WRONG! I was changing Linky's diaper and before I could finish opening the straps he had his hand inside pulling on ding-a-ling! It's not like saw it and said, "Wow, what's that?" He just instictively grabbed it! That was on Friday, since then he continues to do play with it during diaper changes. Oddly, he doesn't bother with it during bath time when he's naked and can see it in the water. Women have been making fun of men for years for always adjusting or holding on to their penis' in public and we can never understand where the fascination comes from...well, for Linky the fascination started at 7 months and 4 weeks!! LOL
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1 comment:

Momma Z said...

Wow, my son started playing with his at 4 months old. He just goes to town in the bathtub.