Monday, August 17, 2009

My Not-So Little Linky!!

Yep, that's my little big man preparing to crawl. Eight months old and he loves to stand. If he's down and wants to come up, he doesn't just lift his hands up for you to pick him up...No, he takes your hands, pulls himself up to standing and does a mini-crib walk to you. He does that cute baby rocking that looks like he's humping the floor. I keep trying to catch him in mid-stand up mode but he's so fast! He was up from 4:30am this morning until 9:30am, just singing, rocking, climbing, babbling, slapping, kicking away like it was the afternoon. The minute I tried to put him back in the crib, he screamed bloody murder. Can you say SPOILED? He's figured out that crying makes his sister come running, and now pitches fits when you take something away or leave him or ignore him. I really was hoping it wouldn't come to that, especially with me going back to work. It's funny that no matter how cranky he is, how tired, or just fussy, the minute daddy walks in the door, it's all smiles!! How does that happen? This morning he actually cried when hubby gave him back to me - OUCH! Although we are really enjoying having daddy home now during the day! We even went bowling today!
How cute is this picture of Linky kissing himself?!! Anytime we walk past a mirror he cracks up...all these little stolen moments I'll be missing in less than a month. Ugh!!

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Momma Z said...

He is getting so big!! Brennan didn't start crawling until he was 9 months old and was walking at 11 months. Link will be walking really soon.