Sunday, January 6, 2013

TLC's The Sisterhood: Religious Reality Show?

Interesting concept since I am on my walk in the Word, I am intrigued that there is a "reality" show about pastor's wives. It would be so refreshing to have us painted in a positive light for a change and shown actually making a difference.

See what Black and Married with Kids had to say, and peep the trailer.

I watched the first episode and was pleased by a few things:

  • A Pastor and his wife talking to their daughter's about safe sex (though I could have lived without hearing about his diseases)
  • A Pastor and his wife openly happy about their sex life and the use of handcuffs to keep things spicy
  • Many references to Bible scriptures and some snap shots of church services
  • Being able to see that wives of Pastors have to deal with the same challenges of work, marriage and children as I do
I am a little bit concerned for the scenes of what's to come.  Much gossip, back biting, fighting, and the Word didn't seem as prevalent. 

I am a sucker for the Real Housewives (Atlanta, New York, New Jersey), and many other "reality" TV.  I'm still hoping that TLC will hold these Christian sisters to a higher standard, but that might be asking too much right?  Drama sells.

Any thoughts?


YUMMommy said...

I haven't seen the show. After seeing some of the tweets about it, I was exactly intrigued enough to tune in. I'll stick with my Mary Mary.

Martina said...

This show has definitely being getting a lot of criticism from the "church" and I honestly can't be mad at them. I guess I feel as though we already have enough Housewives reality show and we don't need another one especially in the church world. As Pastor Marvin Sapp stated we are already criticized enough from other religions and nonbelievers so the world doesn't need to see every little thing that goes on in our lives. (I am not saying it verbatim but its close) I have a few friends that said they won't waste any more time watching it but I will watch it to see if it does get any better.