Monday, October 26, 2009

Daycare Mishaps, already?

It's the second week and Lincoln was moved to the "Tinfants" room (Get it? Toddler + Infants = Tinfants). Anyway, this morning was tragically tearstreaked after being home with mommy for the weekend. When I called they "said" he was fine for the rest of the day, at least he didn't come home hoarse today! Anyway, my gripe for today is they have us fill out these Happy Grams in the morning with Link's latest vitals: last feeding, last diaper change, mood, etc., then they fill out the rest throughout the day and send it home with him. I'm mad that I didn't look at the gram until after dinner and putting Linky to bed because they were closed and I had no one to yell at. As I was getting Link ready for bed I noticed he wasn't wearing HIS diapers, and I was going to write a note telling them their mistake. BUT.... remember how I mentioned it's the second week, right? Well, when I go to write a note for his teacher tomorrow I see that at the end of today's gram is a note requesting more diapers! I nearly lost my mind!! When I started him last week I brought in one of the four packs from the BJs box of diapers (you know those mega boxes have 4 separate packs inside each box and each pack is about 50 diapers). I go fetch last weeks grams and see that there were only 15 diaper changes for the week - WHERE THE HELL ARE THE REST OF MY DIAPERS?!?!?!?!! I'm hoping that in transfering him over to the new room, they just forgot to transfer his diapers. Either way, somebody owes me for 35 more diapers!!!

Poor Linky wearing somebody else's diapees!!

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