Wednesday, March 31, 2010


In case you can't make out what it says:

"Madison, Welcome to NYSSMA 2010. You are a very well prepared cellist. Your scales were carefully performed. I like the way you set at the cello. Your left hand is curved over the fingerboard ready to play. Your bow flows beautifully over the strings. Kudos to you and your teacher for such a well developed bow. Watch out for your right pinky. It doesn't quite know where to go. Your solo was Fabulous! The rhythm can be tricky, but it didn't fool you. Brava! Congratulations"

Just how proud do you think we are?! Plus, if you look really closely, you'll notice there are 7 categories with the highest score a 4 for each category - Look at her score on the bottom...I know!! My daughter the cellist received a PERFECT SCORE!!!! (Check out the huge "WOW" written over the scales portion!!)



Radha said...

My favorite is the "Wow!" she wrote about her PERFECT scales! So happy for you all!!! Tell her I said congratulations!

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

@BROWNIE - THANKS!! You caught the "WOW"! It was my favorite too!!

Stesha said...

That's amazing news!...and again with the "WOW!"

Hugs and Mocha,

N. Nicholes said...

Found you through Nekkidmaninasuit, and saw that you have a young cellist too! I haven't blogged about mine yet, but this makes me happy!

I love when we get great feedback from our musicians!

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

@N.N. - Thank you so much for stopping over! Hope to read about your cellist soon! Mine starts up her lessons again for the school year this Monday!