Friday, May 21, 2010

Important Response to "Bully Tactics"

I had to post this response to my previous post Bully Tactics! It is just that important, Moms, Dads, Ladies, and Gents read on:

"I just read your blog. I wish you had told me about this before you went because I would have warned you about the OLDEST SCAM IN THE BOOK!

I've been teaching acting to teenagers for over twenty years, and I know all about these so called "scouts." Guess what? If your sister was charged even 1 cent, she was also scammed. The definition of a scout is someone who seeks clients out, sees something special in them, and puts their own money up as an investment. Rarely, and I mean RARELY, a scout might ask you to go out, find your own photographer, and take some head and body shots. They might even recommend someone, but never get a kickback from the photographer. I'm not saying that these "scouts" who charge don't get a client an occasional job, but they deliver just enough to get past being sued ("Your honor, look, we got these other clients jobs. We can't help it if the plaintiff was too untalented, ugly, uncooperative, the wrong type (take your pick) to get any jobs. God knows we tried.") A REAL scout has a vested interest in promoting his or her client, because they put their own money into the investment ... yes, even the photos.

I've seen so many (mostly girls) not heed my warning through the years. The most notorious was Barbazon (sp?). They used to charge a fortune, dress the girls up, have phony shows on their own runways (You said this place had their own runway, right? Ask yourself WHY they would need their own runway) and the girls would walk away a year or two later, thousands of dollars poorer, with what really just amounted to a few mall quality glamour shots.

So, THANK GOD you're a smart lady and allowed your sixth sense to kick in. These predators go for the jugular by preying on parents who want to help their kids.

OH, and one more thing. Child acting laws are VERY strict. These actually came about as a result of what happeend to Gary Coleman, among other things, but he was a big influence (excuse the pun). Putting away just 15% for the kid is LUDICROUS!!!! I'm not completely sure about this, but I would make a conservative guess that at least 50% would have to go to savings for the kid.

Anyhoo! This was just my two or three cents.

From the Best Boss in the Whole World!!!

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