Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Jones Family Road Trip - Day Two

Linky woke me up at 7am again, and again I used this early morning
wake up call as my motivation. I called over to my bestie's house and
by 7:30 three of us mommies were on the road and beach walking and
jogging it out.

After a quick shower it was fend for yourself breakfast. All families
were taking a chill before the horseback riding. I made a big pot of
spaghetti for later. We let Linky take a nap and then the four of us
took our first afternoon stroll on the beach. Linky still hated the
sand and was scared of the water. (I think it was the sound of the

Afterwards we piled into three carloads and headed for the Inlet
Equestrian Ranch. This time I sat out with Linky so daddy and daughter
could enjoy the horses together with the other families. Linky wanted
absolutely no part of the "ho'sees". He would tell them "hi" and
"bye" and ask "meeze" to go see them but the second we got close he
stammered quickly, "no no no no no" and his whole body shook. Onne of
the other daughters came crying back after only 10 minutes, but daddy
said Maddy was a real "trooper". She's been wanting to do this for
quite some time so I wish she would have complained! Lol

Next we all changed into bathing suits and took the kids (all 12 of

Linky is now an official beach bum!!! Yay!!! Once he got over the
initial shock of sand and waves, it was all good. It helped that all
the babies were in the water too!!


Ms. Understood said...

You went riding!?!?! (Well, I guess not you specifically, lol). I LOVE horseback riding. I wish I could do it more often. You vacation sounds like heaven. Your updates are my mini vacations, LOL.

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