Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Double Ear Infection and Double Pink Eye

I took Lincoln to the doctor's office for his last set of shots on Saturday (no more until he's 4!! Yay!!) Before we got there, I tried prepping Lincoln. You know, "We're going to see the doctor, doctor's nice, nurse is nice". Lincoln is at that repeat and understand toddler phase, so that by the time we got to the office he was telling anyone who would listen: "Nice docta, nice nuse." He was even calling for the doctor once we got into the exam room, "Docta, I weddy. Docta, come." Doctor walk in, "Noooooooo, Docta hurt!!!!!"

So close.

Mind you, everything is cool until the doctor uses the tongue depressor, then the kicking and screaming ensues. He cried longer and harder for the tongue depressor than he did for his two shots. After that the doctor gave him a lolly and he was fine.

Today is Tuesday and I had to bring him back because his nose was running like crazy yesterday, and this morning he woke up with his eyes sealed shut - for the record, EWWWWW!

He was NOT happy to go back to the doctors office and even though he still called for the doctor, told everyone in the waiting room that the doctor was nice, and kept calling for the doctor to help him. This time as soon as he saw the doctor he started screaming. And when the doctor went to examine his ears, he looked him dead in his eye and punched him. All the while screaming at deathcom levels, "NONONONONONONNONONNOONNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Double ear infection and double pink eye later, and I hope it's not going to be one of those years with Lincoln getting sick every few weeks with these ear infections. Last year the doctor said, "Let's get him to the spring before we decide to take his tonsils out or put tubes in his ears". Did that with several ear infections, and now he tells me again to "wait to see how he does after he turns two". And part of me definitely doesn't want to subject him to unnecessary surgery...but...the other part of me feels so terrible now that he can tell me: "Mama, head hurt. Mama, eyes hurt. Mama ears hurt". Add that he barely wants to eat when he's like this.

I don't think there's a lot more heart breaking than having a sick child. When he was an infant I remember saying, "I wish he could talk to let us what's wrong with him", but now that he's extremely verbal I may have to change my thinking on this one. He must have told everyone in the house, anyone that called, his toys, the tv, and even coffee that he was sick. I know, makes you just want to squeeze him up, doesn't it?

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