Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Everyone's Back To School

With a few bumps along the way, we're all back to school. I, of course experienced the brunt of all those back to school bumps, starting with the back-to-school clothes shopping and then the shopping for school supplies with the gigantor supply list. I feel like the chick in the Staples commercial (you know where the son gets a kick out of showing his mom his growing supply list) only I didn't have an EASY button. Why do they keep getting longer?

I posted this on Mocha Manual:
The back to school supply list is, how can I put this? REE-DONK-U-LOUS!!! My 10 year old had a full backpack and a shopping bag to go to first day of school with, and this will be the first of maybe 3 trips of supplies! Like Really? Whatever happened to notebook, glue, scissor, eraser and everything else was supplied by school? I really miss the days of old - just showing up!!

Needless to say, Maddy got off to school just fine. I did forget to have the neighbors take her picture for me, but I saved the day by getting home just in the knick of time to catch her getting off the bus and a few shots in front the house. I thought maybe I was pushing it when she said to the neighbor, "Why does she always have to take pictures?" However, the question was met with flashes as she, too, was taking make-up pictures of her son. So there!
She had a great day, her only concern was that her friends told her she looked "punk" because of her outfit. I told her to stand by her eclectic clothing options, and the next time someone tries to put her in a category to just tell them, "This is MY style and I own it!" Of course, my neighbor and I both told her that her friends are probably just jealous. Shame on us, but it made her feel better!

Linky's day started off with him screaming, pulling me back outside and telling me, "No, Mama, no!" as I tried to drop him off to daycare. As usual, I'm crying on my way to work, and of course he's fine by the time I'm in the car, but still! He was ecstatic when I went to pick him up, that was the best part. Having him run to me and scream my name. Give him a few days and he won't want to come home.

My day? Well, it's the same old usual BS when dealing with the DOE and crazy colleagues. I got screwed yet again out of an early schedule and will not be on my beloved 1-8 program but a 2-9. Which means I'll be getting out of class at the same time Maddy's bus will be dropping her off. So it will be 2 years of me not picking up my son or being there when my daughter gets off the bus. SUCKS SO BAD! Sigh.

Then shocker of the day, I'm switching guidance counselors. I've been with the same counselor for four years, and now I have to get used to someone new and switch homes (right next door, so far, I know), but I've got four years worth of senior and prom pictures to move, student art work, letters, copies of super senior diplomas, and this is just my wall I'm talking about. I have an entire desk to switch over and a file cabinet. It's going to be an extremely hectic day tomorrow. Thank goodness for modified bell schedules. I don't have to really worry about being done until Monday, but yikes, talk about a headache!

Oh, and I go to the gym today for my ZUMBA class and would you believe the instructor cut back her hours?!?! The nerve of her to want to further her education while I still have fat to lose!!

I continue to hope, pray, cross my fingers and toes that we'll hit the lottery and I can tell the DOE to...

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Bonnie said...

Save some of that lottery $$$$ for me. This was the worst opening EVER!!!