Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maddy Story #231: Lost Glasses

Yesterday was all about Maddy day!! My sorority is starting our Pearlettes and Amicettes, auxiliary groups, basically all of the daughters, nieces, and cousins of sorors in the chapter. Yesterday was all about Maddy day!! My sorority is starting our Pearlettes and Amicettes, auxiliary groups, basically with all of the daughters, nieces, and cousins of sorors in the chapter. Yesterday kicked off our first official meeting and it was a success. We had about 8 little ladies with their sister chaperones. We taught the girls The 12 Days of Christmas and had them work on their holiday cards. Sometime in December we will take them caroling in one of the children's hospitals and sending holiday cards to sick children. The kids were excited and had a good time. We're planning a fashion show for them that we can't wait for!! Maddy enjoyed herself and made some new friends in the process. My brother had jokes, of course, that we were starting them out early and to spite me, Maddy will probably pledge another sorority entirely. I guess we'll just have to see!

Remember the Food and Wine Festival that I signed her up for? That was yesterday, too. It was too cute for words. They started off with a "spine-tingling interactive storytelling adventure" and then got to the ghoulish cooking. Maddy made finger sandwiches (with carrots as the fiendish fingers popping out), Ratt-tat-touille a vegetable brew which they mixed in mini-cauldrons, and a fright-tastic punch that was really tasty (white cranberry juice, cherry syrup, grape juice, and seltzer for fizz). None of the parents were allowed on the cooking floor and to ease that tension they set up a Parent Cafe full of hot tea, coffee, crackers and cheeses, roasted veggies, cookies and pastries. Maddy had a wonderful time ( I will add pics tomorrow, promise!)

Now we get to the story part of this post, you know when there's Maddy's name followed by a number that something crazy happened...

Here we go:
Today was the big Long Island Fall Festival that we go to every, single year. It was great! Good food, quirky vendors, tastings, entertainment, basically all the wonderful stuff a fair should have, it did!! We had a great time, no incidents, no attitudes, no tears, no tantrums. It was a perfect day for both Maddy and Linky. Then just as we were heading back in the direction to get back to the cars, Linky screams, "Un-co, WAHDER!!" There was a huge pond and we figured since Maddy got so much stuff and he was so good and patient all day, we'd let him see the water. We were all standing a few feet behind while he and my uncle shared a little moment alone looking at the pond and ducks. Maddy runs over to join them interrupting their quiet moment. Well, Linky is not happy about this interruption and decides to take matters into his own hands, literally. He goes to smack Maddy and as she tries to deflect the attack her glasses fall into the fricken nasty murky pond!!!

Lawd Fahda, Help Me!! I rush over and can see the glasses sinking further into the green abyss below, Maddy is quietly freaking out, my poor uncle just kept saying, "It was an accident! No one did it on purpose!", and my mother and aunt are simultaneously saying, "Oh, no! Oh, No!" I see a police officer, explain what happened and he directs me to the safety office. I run inside and ask if they have a net, a stick, a fricken long-ass glove, anything that can help me get her glasses back. The guy sitting there calls one of the park volunteers on the radio and explains the situation. Within, I swear, 10 seconds, one of those park carts comes rushing to the office and two guys run in, "You the lady with the kid's glasses in the water, show us!"

We run back over to the pond, and after a few seconds we see them again. One of the guys, turns to his co-worker and hands him everything that he has on him: watch, keys, walkie, cell phone, sunglasses. "You're not gonna do what I think you're gonna do, are ya?" Before he could answer, the guy jumps over the ledge, holds on with one arm, lowers himself down, and sticks his entire arm into the water and pulls out her glasses!!!

My mom is quick with the baby wipes which we wrapped the glasses in and then put them in a plastic bag for safe keeping until we got home to properly sanitize them! UGH! There was green sludge all over them. We thanked the guy profusely before he ran off to sink his arm in disinfectant!!

I tell you, God was looking out for my child today!! She has no idea how lucky she is, cuz, whew, can't even explain how tight I would have been had the pond won!!!

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Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

you are one busy lady! I need to start volunteering again. That guy was such a sweetheart to fish the glasses out of the mucky pond.