Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scatter Brained

I feel like I have so much to post but can't for the life of me remember what it was I was dying to put up on here! Ever have that happen to you? You get yourself all excited to do something and then have no idea what it is you were excited about.

Let's see:

Linky Update:
My Linkster has definitely reached his terrible twos! Everything is NOOOOOO! We've even had some foot stamping action. So far, unlike when Maddy had her tantrums, as long as we distract Link and give him something else to do or think about he's fine. But he's getting so fresh. I'm very proud to say that Link is so bright! His daycare provider loves him because he's a "sponge that picks up everything on the first try". She has the Childcare Counsel of LI come once a week to do a reading program and each week they learn a new book, activity and the kids get to take the new books home. Link loves to read or should I say demand, "Mommy read Linky". He can now count to 10. His sign language constantly keeps me on my toes. And the love! Aww, does he give the most awesome "shuper hugs!"

Maddy Update:
Maddy's cousin got her period and now she's looking at me with the "that's not fair, why don't I have mine yet?" I keep telling her, the longer the wait, the better! Because once it gets here - it's a WRAP!!! LOL Miss Attitudy gets snippety over everything and anything. If she drops something on the floor and you ask her to pick it up, you get "uh, sigh, hm, sigh" for a good five minutes then she forgets about it, and has to be asked again. And that second request? You would think we asked her to stick her hand through a burning fire to retrieve it from a rabid pitbull. Yikes! Her period may not be here but the hormones have definitely arrived with a vengeance.

Cello practice has become a "torture MOM! Ugh!" - even though her music teacher said that she may be invited to a special weekend trip to play music come this spring if she keeps up with her practicing at home! She wants to go, of course, but doesn't want to put in the practice time to get there. Crazy, right?

Well, I have no idea if that's what I wanted to talk about but I figured updates never hurt. Oh, and I am super excited for tomorrow's Senior Gender Bender Day. I plan on raiding hubby's closet and drawing a full beard on myself and everything. I love to support my graduates, and can't wait to see my fellas don their push up bras and leggings! It's guaranteed to be a stifled giggly day tomorrow!!

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