Monday, December 27, 2010

Potty Training

Ok, we're on Day 4 of potty training with Linky. He got a ton of training pants and underpants from Santa Kauuus.

Well, Day 1, we only had 1 pee pee incident that was great.

Day 2 was Christmas day, and he stayed dry allllllllllllll day!!! For some reason he does way better outside of the house than he does at home.

Day 3, yesterday, only 2 incidents but he woke up out of his sleep to "pee pee potty" - Yay, in my book that's huge!!

Now we get to Day 4, today...not so good. What I've been doing up to this point is pretty much just asking him every hour or so if he has to use the potty. Most times it's "yeah, Linky, pee pee potty, mommy". Every so often, he'll walk up to Maddy and take her hand, "Maddy take Linky a-potty". After every successful potty, he picks his stickers for his potty chart. Great!!

Today went something like this four times:
Me: Linky, do you need to go potty?
Linky: Shorry, mommy. Did it 'ready.
Me: You pee pee'd your underpants?
Linky: Yeah, shorry mommy
Me: Where are you supposed to peepee?
Linky: In the potty, shorry mommy.

We call this the underpants grave yard! Though I must say they are very absorbent, the training pants get wet, but his pants haven't.

And a curious thing happened on the way to potty. I'm giggling before I even start typing. Linky has learned to say "excuse me" after burps and "pohpz" (Carribean way of saying fart). Anyway, of late, since he's potty training, if he happens to pohpz while on the potty, he will break his little neck to see what's in the bowl. I tried several attempts to make him understand the difference between pohpz and a BM. Finally I came up with "a pohpz is your bambam's way of telling you the doodoo is coming". (Wait for it....)

Now anytime he's on the potty and happens to lay a baby fart, we hear, "LINKY'S BAMBAM'S READY!! THE DOODOO'S SHUMMING!!!"

Nasty but too funny not to share!!!

What's the latest thing your little or not-so little one did to make you laugh out loud?


Bonnie said...

You asked for it. The latest thing that my Sethie said to make me laugh was on Facebook. He wrote "The Queen of England is a father" Apparently Elton John just had a baby with his partner.

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

that's classic stuff to share when he's older. :-)

Happy New Year, New Friend!

Jen said...

Love it all!! In fact, my most exciting moments this week were when Caroline "coincidentally" poopied in the potty (I think it was almost in her diaper) and last night (NYE) she told us on the phone from the in-laws that she "poopied in the POTTY!!" She is so excited about it all! No peepee yet, though. :(

Happy New Year!!