Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Linky No New Year! Linky PeePee Potty!"

Here I was all depressed that I'm doing my hair on New Years (hubby's at work) and then Maddy gets me hyped up as she tries to be the first to call everyone with well wishes, right?

All of a sudden I hear Linky, "Mom-Meh!!". I'm thinking we woke him in our excitement and I get more cheered up. Except when Maddy and I try saying "Happy New Year!" his response?

"No Maddy! Only mommy new year! Linky no new year, Linky peepee potty!"

So my little sweetness did not wake up to cheer me up or join in the merriment but to go potty and then fall immediately back to sleep!

Would it be wrong of me to put him to sleep with me so I'm not alone? it is new years after all, right? No?


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