Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm Gonna "F" You Mommy ( 2 year old Bad Word Story)

Disclaimer: My mother warned me about this...

It's an early afternoon, Linky and I are in bed. Me watching some TV and Linky is playing with his Hulk "Hash" (can't say smash) and his toy horse.

Some random commercial comes on and there is a "fight" scene.

Linky starts smashing Hulk and horse together and mumbles, "Hulk gonna fuck you horsey"

Me: (after a second of shock) Link...what did you say?

Link: Hulk gonna fuck horsey...see...

He proceeds to show me them "fighting".

Me: Link...Hulk and horsey are going to FI -IGHT

Link: No, mommy, no they not. Now your turn. Linky gonna fuck you too!

And he comes to play "fight" with me. At this point I can hear Maddy and hubby in the kitchen laughing hysterically while I try to calmly explain to my 2 year old how to pronounce the word "fight". But since Nana already had this situation happen on her watch and she admitted to laughing, he now knows it's something NOT to be said...thus he kept on saying it.

Me: (exasperated after 2 mins) Ok, Linky. The right way to say it is "fight". Hulk and horsey are going to FIGHT.

Link: (giggling) No, Mommy! I'm gonna fuck you!!!!!!!

Me: HONEY!!! Linky wants to show you something!!!

Maddy and hubby came a few minutes later after they finally managed to control their laughter long enough to distract Linky with a different toy.

Parents of toddlers:
When your child says a naughty word either on purpose or by mispronunciation, please, please, please....whatever you do - DON'T LAUGH!!!


LeonX said...

Toddlers are some habitual line-steppers.

DaddysFishBowl said...

Haha, too funny. I've had my fair share of this as well and learned the lesson of not laughing pretty quickly. I just wrote about it not too long ago as well.

The Cursing Toddler

Anonymous said...

your blog was soooooooooo funny. Not nice to laugh at other people's misery, you'd say?! WELL, as Linky would say, "F**k you!*** LOLOLOLOL Toooooo funny, man!