Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm at the little In & Out beauty parlor and I'm silently laughing at all the fake hair being processed. Am I evil?

I just came in to get my $15 wash and condition so I could braid it and be on my way, but nooooooooooo! Weavanna and her girl Silky #5 are monopolizing my attempt to exit the facilities!

The flat irons are smoking as they simultaneously straighten their already straight weaves! Seriously?!?!

Have I become more cynical to processed hair now that I'm natural? Perhaps.

It's just funny to me watching them "whip their hair" left and right...all the while everyone including the hair stylists are talking about, praising, and asking me questions about my healthy, beautiful, and thick natural hair.

Am I feeling myself right now? Perhaps. Lol

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