Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Finally Got A Natural Neat Curlytail

I give much praise and thanks to my cousin (and natural motivator) Amanda for the tips on how to do a puff.  For Christmas she was rocking one and I was envious (shame on me, I know), but she was quick to assist.  I followed her advice and purchased a pack of Goody Hair bands:

A tub (huge for only $4) of Eco Styler Gel (never thought to use gel from all the negative stereotyping it has, but I really like this product, it's light and airy, and doesn't seem to leave that yucky white residue behind):

My hair was doing a horrible version of a Bantu Knot Out (I'm not used to doing it with my new short hair, I guess), so it was already dry and uber curly.  I just sprayed a little of my Leave-In/Water mix to everything but the puff,  put a few dabs of the Eco Styler in all around, used a wide bristle brush to slick it back, and double banded the headband around the puff twice.

I've been rocking this for 2 days now!  This is the first time I've had a successful curlytail in my whole 17 months (I say curlytail cuz it does not whip like a ponytail - yah, feel me?)!

Thanks again Panda!!

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