Sunday, January 8, 2012

Linky On Using The "Big Boy Potty"...

For 2012, I'm not buying any more pull-ups!  Link has been peeing standing up since Christmas break, and no longer wants to use his potty.  We also have the toddler potty seat that goes over the regular toilet, he also does not want to use that.

He says, "I'm a big boy and big boys use big things!"

I know, right?!

Then this weekend when getting ready to make a #2, he squealed, "My bambam doesn't like this big boy potty because it makes my bambam cold!"

When I asked him, "Well, Link now that you're using the big boy potty, it will be cold most of the time, what are you going to do?"

With a huge kool-aid smile, he said, "Don't worry about mom, I will just warm my bambam!"

And with that he stood up and proceeded to rub his little butt for about a minute, proudly proclaimed, "It's warm now, so I can go ahead and finish what I started!"

You can't make these things up!!


Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

LOL! I have to give it to him. He solved the problem!

Lalla said...

What a great way to problem solve. Link could teach my high school students!