Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Street Strider Diary: Week One

I have 15 pounds that I'm so tired of lugging around!  To help keep myself motivated, I'm posting my starting weight: 158 lbs!!  GASP!!!  I was only 145 when I was pregnant with Linky!!!  EGADS!!!

I've found myself wearing clothes to strategically hit the belly bulge, but even that's not working anymore because when I sit and the fat folds over my pants or skirt line, I swear I can hear "WHOMP!"

With hubby working 3 jobs, the kids off for the summer, and me about to have surgery to remove some horrible corns from my right foot in 3 weeks, my gym membership is a waste.  And home workouts always get distracted by something or the other.

My remedy? I'm testing out a Streetstrider! Talk about a vicious elliptical workout without being stuck at home staring at the walls!!  My routine has been to drop Maddy at camp, which runs from 1-4, put Linky down for his afternoon nap, and then off I go to zip around my neighborhood.  The Streetstrider moves really, really fast!!

Day 1: Barely could finish my 10 min goal.
Day 2: I tried for 20 but made it to 18 mins
Day 3: Today was going to be 25 but instead, 22 mins

I'm loving it!!

Hopefully my fat will hate it and burn, burn, burn!!!


Anonymous said...

I was so glad to find your blog! I'm considering buying one of those streetstriders myself and was hoping to find a real person's opinion on how they work. Can they steer around regular sidewalk corners, or do you need to swing wide in the street? Does pumping the arm bars contribute to your momentum? Is it still enjoyable enough to keep you going back to use it? Was it worth the price :O I'll be following your progress, good luck!

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

So far it is absolutely worth the price. I use it to zip around my neighborhood (not ready for the main roads yet). Getting around corners is very easy as is making full blown u-turns! I love using it and would use it more if I had the little toddler hitch in the back for my 3 year old, but after the expense, my hubby said wait.

Plus, I financed it! If I couldn't do that, I never would have bought it.

And now my oldest rides her bike out with me. I'm having fun with it!!

Janet McPhatter said...


I to am considering on buy one. I've been researching the product and its competition for my thesis project so it's nice to see someone using and especially a sista. I live in the DC metro area. I have an opportunity to try it from a person who owns one near where I work but we haven't exactly connected yet. But I would like to know your progress. It can help me with my thesis project. By the way, my name is Janet aka GaGa Mac on Facebook. Please let me know when you post again your progress.