Friday, May 2, 2008

The day before and the day of Beta!

Alright, as if almost ruining my vacation wasn't enough I came home on the Thursday and I just couldn't stop obsessing. I needed to try again. I kept thinking, I was the water in Virginia, the tests were defective, it was way too soon to test. I rationalized my ass off, as I stood in line at CVS while DH and DD were next door at Petsmart. As soon as we got home from errands, I made my way to the bathroom. At 2:30pm on 4/24, I got my positive at 11dp3dt. Then again, first thing Friday morning of the Beta test, I did it again at 8:30am (I made sure to get first morning urine this time), and again got my positive. Still nervous though.

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Tamika said...

Your story inspires me!