Thursday, May 1, 2008

So Unbelievably BLOATED!!!

So my boss called me "Fatty" yesterday!! She was like: "Lift up your shirt my gosh...wait let me see one more must be having twins!!" I can't be mad at her cuz she's my "work mom", you know. I asked a few women on my chat website what they thought and they said it's way too early to be as popped out as I am, more than likely it's the progesterone medication playing havoc with my uterus and abdomen. Phew!! I have 2 more weeks to find out if everything is everything, and if I'm struggling to hide a belly pot now, how on earth will I be able to hide it for 2 more weeks. The chat ladies said that most of them just grew into their "bloat" and didn't get bigger for a while after they were officially confirmed safe pregnant. I feel so much better about that, so we'll see!!

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