Monday, June 23, 2008

Trip to the ER...whew!

Well, Friday afternoon (6/20) was crazy to say the least. Here's how my things went from wonderful to scary in a matter of 30 minutes.
2:30pm - Left message with OB1 to ask if I can go swimming (more like floating)
3:00pm - OB1 calls me back with great news: "Yes, you can go swimming, just no diving or jet skying!"...see that's why I love him. I explained that it was more the heat and the relaxation of being in the water..."Fine, Fine, no problem...see you next week for you 2nd appointment".
3:30pm - Arrive home, go to the bathroom, and OH OH, I'm spotting.
3:31pm - Call OB1 again and try not to panic as I explain the spotting and semi-mild cramping that was going on. His response, "Unfortunately, it's Friday afternoon, there's no sonogram tech in the office, I'm leaving in 5 minutes ...I think it's best you went to the Emergency Room"...
3:31:10 - Now I'm still trying not to panic since he felt it was probably nothing to be worried about but since I'm high risk, why take chances.
3:33pm - Call DD best friend's mom to see if she'll watch daughter for me, she immediately tells me not to worry since she was planning to invite her anyway for a little pool playdate - Wonderful.
3:35pm - Pack her bathing suit, change of clothes, and have it waiting when she walks in the door.
3:36pm - Call DH, still pretty calm, explain the situation and tell him to meet me at New Island, since Winthrop is having construction done, and OB1 didn't want me waiting forever to be seen.
3:37pm - DD walks in, I tell her drop her stuff, we get in the car, drive 7 houses down, where I drop her off. Friend's mom meets us in the driveway, wishes me luck, I almost peel out.
3:45 - Arrive at New Island, DH arrives moments before they call me into a room.
5:00pm - Quick vaginal exam to check cervix. ER doctor notes that there is a spot of red blood and some old brown blood, luckily my cervix was still shut closed.
5:30 - They fill me up with water for a sonogram and wheel me up to the sono room. This was the worst part of the entire experience. Imagine a bladder so full, you feel to bursting, and not only do you have a lab tech pushing down on it, but you also have your little baby doing the cha cha slide. Let me tell you, I was moaning, groaning and crying so bad b/c I was so afraid from mere pain and pressure I was going to pee myself. Then this well-intentioned techy bitch is all like, "this isn't so bad, I have 4 kids and this is can do it...don't worry you'll be fine". I mean every 5 minutes I'm screaming, "ARE YOU DONE YET? ARE YOU DONE YET?" And what does this well-intentioned techy bitch do, she turns the monitor for me to see, and she's all, "What a miracle? Can you see it? Can you see your baby? Your miracle?" She starts pointing out every single thing about my baby...and yes, normally I'm be oohing and ahing and cheesing from ear to ear, but with her pressing on my bladder to show me my miracle all I wanted to do was wrap that damn sono cord around her freakin neck!!! (Later when I shared this with DH he almost choked from laughing so hard)...the baby was moving A LOT!! It was literally stamping it teeny little feet on my cervix, doing flips and turns, and waving its arms all over...which is why techy bitch said it took so long).
5:50pm - Techy bitch finally lets me pee and seriously I was peeing for a solid uncontrollable 5 minutes. It was like being born again!! Then she finished up and sent me on my way. DH makes a few obligatory phone calls to give a status check.
6:15pm - We finally make it back down to ER. I start fantasizing about shrimp & lobster.
6:30pm - ER doctor comes in with good news, all is well, baby is reactive, cervix is intact, uterus is fine, no leaks to be found. He felt it could have been "an attempt to miscarry", and that's what he wrote on my file for OB1, and feels with rest I should be A-O-K.
6:35pm - while dressing, DH calls the Italian restaurant by the house and orders me up some shrimp & pasta.
7:02pm - Back at home.


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