Monday, July 21, 2008

Day Four of Bedrest...

...and I'm missing outdoors already. It's been too hot to even go sit out on my swing in the backyard, the humidity has been unforgiving...or at least that's what they tell me (Mom & hubby) for all I know it could just be the excuse to keep me in the house. I don't think I've looked so forward to my doctor's appointments...outside, fresh air, wearing something other than comfy house dresses and seeing real live people. (DD interuption: she shoves the phone in my ear and it's her bff from school wanting to come over. My DD is being entertained sparsely by my mom, and can't wrap her brain around the fact that she can't have play dates here at home unless there's another adult present. So Nana just confirmed that her friend can come over.) I finished my first book, watched 2 Netflix movies, a ton of tv, and of course surfed the net a million times over. I have settled on a crib and the nursery set theme. You guys will have to wait a while before I reveal that. Probably when I hit 6 months. OOOhhh, and I got in touch initially with the photographer, I think I mentioned that for our anniversary/my bday, I wanted hubby to arrange for a pregnancy portfolio shoot. You know, where it's all black and white, I'm half nude, belly is exposed and hubby & daughter are involved. Anyhoo, I made initial contact with the photographer to let him know what I want and when (again around 6 months) and now I'm waiting to hear back from him on pricing and whether he can come to the house to do it.

Let's see what else have I done, oh yeah, I ordered a years worth of photographs off kodakgallery to finally organize and put in albums, they should be here later this week. Plus, I shipped my baby brother's 30th birthday gift (that was supposed to be hand delivered while we were in Florida this week...I cried when I hit ship, I so wanted to be there for his special birthday...and now that we canceled the trip he will be have double hernia surgery on his birthday - EESH!!)

Now I'm about to fold clothes, wow, can you feel the excitement!!!


Christine said...

Bedrest doesnt mean fold the clothes!!!

you better take it easy.


Deserving Mom said...

I know, I know...but it made me feel like I was doing something. Mom put it on the bed, and I folded.