Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day One of Granny Visit Complete...

Ok, so I got yelled at for everything. If I was sitting, I shouldn't sit that way; if I was lying on my left, I shouldn't lay that way and same went for the right side. Poor DD had to help her continuously in the kitchen, which been sadly comical. Grandma likes her independence, however, she doesn't know my kitchen, so I would see her standing with the fridge open for 20 minutes and finally say, "Gram what do you need?", because she's too stubborn to ask. This happened all day and this morning for breakfast (by the way she had me up at 7...still love her). She would just stand there looking for godknowswhat, but would not ask for help, so I had to keep going in the kitchen, which of course made her yell at me, but then she could find what she needed. Wicked catch-22, right? Then there were the stories, lordy lordy! I heard about her dogs from Grenada, and Rusty from Brooklyn, I heard about how when she had her first 5 children she had to rape my grandfather for the last 2 (yes, her words not mine...and mind you 3 months ago, it was grandpa who raped her for them, so who knows), she told me how she's tired of telling my uncle and his wife to have kids or at least adopt, she shared how one of her great-granddaughters has been sharing her own story of getting boobs (or "the foundation that builds boobs" - she's 9 by the way), and then there were the mumbles stories that I didn't quite get and DH, DD and I just took to saying, "uh huh, yeah, right, ok". And of course, I got the run down on all her ailments: she just recently lost 2 teeth, the doctors want her to get a walker or wheelchair (which she refuses) for her bad hips, her knees hurting, her heart races in the middle of the night...yes, my Grandma loves to share any and everything! We did get to relax and watch some shows together last night: Dog Whisperer, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune. That was fun because once she actually concentrated on the shows, she found a story for each thing she saw. Now I have to wait for my aunt to come over to distract her so I can take a shower, cuz Lord knows she'll be at the door yelling, "You takin too long! Get out! The boy gon' fall out!" I just keep saying to myself, "I love my gram, and God has blessed me with her still being around to see me with this baby!!!"

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