Friday, August 8, 2008

Guess who's coming for Dinner? And lunch? And Breakfast?

My grandmother!! Do you know this 84 year old woman made her own arrangements from Brooklyn to get a ride out her to LI to take care of her granddaughter. My aunt has been trying to get my grandmother to spend a weekend at her house for almost 4 years since she moved out here, and she (and everyone else in the family) are shocked that my grandma made her own plans and executed them with no one help or input. Crazy, right? Everyone is afraid that I'll have to do more taking care of her than vice versa. I look at it this way, who can say no to their grandmother, I feel blessed that she was so motivated when she loves to stay in her house, you know? The good things that I don't have to worry about are that she can get around by herself, we just have to set up the sofa bed in the living room downstairs so she doesn't have to go up the stairs. She can cook, which she's doing right now making me a codfish pie even though my aunt told her not to cook since she's coming tomorrow to make us lasagna and some of her famous bbq chicken (but she's 84 and when she makes up her mind there's no stopping her). I just keep deferring to DD to help her get things around the kitchen and if the rain lets up then the two of them can take a walk around the neighborhood cuz gram is supposed to get daily walking exercise. And...and...(like a little kid)...I told her I want to learn how to knit because she can't really do it anymore, so she brought her needles and yarn to teach me....I'm actually excited about that because Gram used to knit for all the new babies, so I want to be able to knit, hopefully, a blanket while on bedrest for Slinky when he gets here.

This should be a very interesting weekend...full of jokes, frustration (because she will yell at me everytime I get up to even pee), and stories from way back when. I will keep you posted....

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Christine said...

yeah for grandma's! i think you might really enjoy the company and the pampering.

if she doesnt yell at you for not staying in bed....i will :)