Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm laying back in bed after making myself breakfast (I know I shouldn't have) but DH is at work and I really, really, really wanted some bacon and eggs and DD can't turn on the stove. Yummy, Slinky is very happy too that I ate that b/c he's all over the place, as usual. Don't know what I'll be doing for the rest of the day, besides taking it easy, as usual. I plan to shower and get myself pretty, since they say if you look better, you'll feel better. There is so much of outside that I miss today of all days, so I figure I'll gussy myself up and maybe I'll get a visit or two. My Bffl and her boyfriend are coming tomorrow to help me celebrate my bday and our anniversary which is Thursday. My mom got me to hire a housecleaner to come in while she's away, and she comes over tomorrow. When my mom called from Grenada this morning to wish me happy bday, she reminded me to ask the woman to empty out the china cabinet b/c we're getting the floors done this weekend, and I shouldn't leave the workers to handle my china...Good thinking mom!! I actually did a dance at Christmas last year when my mom bought my china set, I had been researching it for almost 2 years, the Micasa Platinum Square Edition. I have this obsession with square plates and dishes, so I definitely do not want the workers, manly men, handling my delicates, right? Poor DH has to empty all of the drawers from our bedroom furniture, and the bookshelves, b/c there will be no way for them to move the bulky stuff without unloading it first. We'll see how it goes, but I had explicit instructions from mom and my aunt in Grenada to not do a thing b/c they know how anal I am about organizing my own stuff. EEssh! I might need to leave the house because I don't know how I'll be able to not get involved. I'll keep you posted on it all.

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Christine said...

I love bacon and eggs!

happy birthday to you!!!