Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Yucky Glucose Tolerance Test Was This Morning!!

I woke up this morning super tired because my 8 year old decided to have an hour tantrum last night over a spider in her room which we killed, but she didn't believe me. She freaked so badly she woke up DH, and continued her tyrade no matter what we said. She was exhausted and DH finally got her to quiet down after promising she could sleep with the lights on. Anyway, I was up at the usual 8am to get her off to school. I rushed to get a toasted bagel and some coffee down my throat and be out the door by 8:50, shortly after the bus picked DD up. I was still 10 minutes late for my 9am appointment, only to be told "Oh, you don't have to make an appointment, it's only an hour". Strange, that's not what they say on the lab's automated service or what the lab tech told me when I made the appointment. Once I filled out my insurance paperwork they gave me the Glucose drink. You have to drink this nasty non-carbonated sugar drink (imagine the syrup used to make sprite) within 5 minuntes. Then I waited an hour reading Breaking Dawn, the latest of Stephanie Meyers vampire series. At the end of the hour they took my blood. All of this is to see if I have gestational diabetes. All preggers have to take it between 24-26 weeks and I am 25 weeks today. Oh, and if you throw it up, you have to drink it again! Slinky and I held our own today! Now I'm a tiney bit nauseated, but other than that much better than I was when I had to do it for DD. Plus, 8 years ago the Glucose drink was warm and 10x thicker, this time the drink was ice cold and a super sweet version of deflated sprite. Today Glucosed test and the guy who did our floors is finally coming back to finish up on the floors and insulate the upstairs crawl space to give us a warmer winter. Tomorrow off to another lab to have my right boob look at, I'm still having some pain in it (remember I was supposed to get it checked out the day I went into the hospital). Then on Friday I finally have my appointment with the DOE to see if they will prove or disprove me fit to work with the wheelchair. Now I shall rest. I have a busy week.


Christine said...

good luck with the GD test, below 140 is what i root for!

keep us posted on the doe results.

Jen said...

Hey there! I remember the weird fruit punch stuff! Eww. I am reading Breaking Dawn also. I'm about 1/3 of the way through. I've gotten a little disinterested in the part narrated by Jacob. How 'bout you? If you're further along, no spoilers please! :-)

Deserving Mom said...

not that far just up to the almost fight at the wedding...i read at doc appts in between the knitting, so it's taking a while to get through.

Christine said...

any updates??? how did the test go? how did the DOE go?

where are you mommy!!!!