Sunday, October 26, 2008


First let me start off by saying: MY BEST FRIEND ROCKS!!! Against my mom's better judgement and disapproval, my bestfriend organized, catered and threw me a shower with my co-workers. The shower was today from 1-3pm and everyone arrived on time (leave it to teachers). If this was the family shower we kept joking that even if the invitation said 1pm, my family wouldn't show up until 3pm at the earliest. Anyway, back to the shower...I was a good girl and primarily sat on the recliner with my feet up. Shana had ordered 2 different types of heros, one with different types of meat (YUMMY) and the other a vegetarian, plus there was macaroni salad, potato salad, sodas, and a fruit platter that she forgot about in our garage fridge (She called about 20 minutes after she left to tell me about it, so now I have fruit for days...and it's all mine hee hee hee). Once we got a good influx of people we chowed down for a bit while I played catch up with almost everyone. Even one of my former students came, I was so happy to see her, too! After the food...oh wait, I forgot the best part!! Shana had a table set up with onesies of all different sizes and a set of paints in various colors so that each guest could design a onesie for Slinky. Wasn't that awesome??!! So while we ate and chit chatted everyone took their turn playing Picasso. Oh yeah, and she brought Slinky an authentic black and red Chinese outfit from her trip to China last week, too!! OK, so where was I, ah yes, after the food we played some shower games which were a lot of fun. One was about old wives tales for determining the sex of the baby, another was a baby word scramble, baby bingo and more. Then we opened presents, and I felt and feel so very blessed to have been in the company of my friends and know they care about me and Slinky. The gifts were great! So much cute little boy outfits and onesies. They even paid attention to my registry which is another thing my family really doesn't do well. Our department secretary should definitely open up a side business for her cake making. She made the cutest fondant cakes, yes cakes, Maddy had her very own big sister cake! And for my cake she created completely out of fondant a cradle with baby inside!! I originally thought she had just bought a tiny little black baby and put in the cradle but later realized she actually made a little Slinky!! A-Ma-Zing Talent!! Shortly after cake everyone started to pack up extra food and head out. It was the best 2 hours of this bedrest!! I am blessed, I am happy, and I feel very loved!! Thank you everyone for helping me feel just a little normal in this not so normal pregnancy, words will never be able to express the feeling of gratitude at lifting my bedrest blues! Thank you!

**I will try to post pictures as soon as I can ;-)

***And no matter how hard I tried to convince everyone that I'm now driving the "Sexy Van" they weren't trying to hear me, and kept cracking on my minivan!

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Christine said...

What a wonderful day!!!!!I cant wait to see the pictures.