Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back to my reality...

Ok, now that I'm off my Barack high, I can update date you on Slinky. However, I have one more Barack story to tell. Maddy woke up this morning and I said to her, "How come you didn't ask the obvious question?"
She had no idea what I was talking about, I asked, "Well, what did we do yesterday?"
And she replied, "We voted".
"Then what is the obvious question?"
"Who's the president?"
"Yep! Who do you think?"
"Barack Obama", she exclaimed with a huge grin.
"Let's call Nana".
When my mom gets on the phone, this is what she said, "Nana, did you know that Barack is the first African American president? Do you know what that means? It means that I, or my brother or anybody else can be president of the United States. He made it possible".
*TEAR* How awesome is that??

Anyway, I digress. I had my 32 week appointment with the MFM yesterday morning (she wasn't there - bummer). Anyway, they checked my cervix and I'm at 1.5. They still won't measure him, just measuring the amniotic fluid which is good, but sucks not knowing how much he weighs now. Then they put me on the fetal monitor for another non-stress test - all good on that front as well. I informed the doctor on call that I had stopped taking the Procardia because I just couldn't take the headaches anymore. She simply asked how the contractions have been since I stopped on Saturday and I told her only 1-2 an hour. She said that's fine and shouldn't be a problem. She let me know that this was my last cervical length check - WHOO-FRICKIN-HOO!!! I still will go in next Tuesday and the Tuesday after for regular ultrasounds and non-stress tests only. I got a little excited and asked if I could come off the bedrest now instead of in 2 weeks and her response was instantaneous: NO! She explained since I stopped the Procardia it wouldn't be wise to shock my system by doing too much at one time, but maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to come off bedrest next week. We shall see! Last night in the midst of the election hype, my son decided he was tired of his surroundings and did some rearranging of the furniture. He's been head down, back and butt up against my left side, with knees at my belly button and feet on my right side. Now, he's still head down but has his back and butt against my back, I can feel both his hands and feet on either side of my belly. The newest sickest feeling is when he puts his foot in the belly button, gross, gross, gross! Don't even know how to explain it - YUCK!! LOL

OH, and the high light of today was a special visit from one of the mommies in my department that was the first to have her baby, little Olivia, who is now 4 months old. She has the most beautiful gray eyes and tiniest little feet I've ever seen. The two of them came over and brought me lunch from Houston's! Ribs, fries, and coleslaw - can you say YUMMY?!! I got to hold Liv and it was so nice to have a little baby in my arms. She has the sweetest disposition, even took a nap while she was here. Her mommy and I got to catch up, but mostly talked mommy talk. It was so wonderful having some adult interaction with the added bonus of a baby in the room. I got to feel a little normal again. They hung out for about 2 hours and it made my day. Thanks Jen, if you read this, it meant a lot to me!!!!

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