Friday, November 7, 2008

32 WEEK appt with OB1

I had my 32 week check up with OB1, and he was so proud of me for making it this far, but not proud enough to let me out of bed! I'm still hovering at 162lbs, which he says is fine, it just means the baby is taking away all of my nutrients for himself. He did a quick internal exam and I am not dilating - awesome! But he did notice that I have a mild infection going on - GREAT! I knew something was wrong, I told him how the urine test came up negative. He felt no worries and gave me a 3 day prescription of inserts - YUCK! I told him that MFM plans to let me off bedrest at 34 weeks, and she might let me off next week, his response, "If I had it my way, you'd be in that bed until 35 weeks, but I'll let you do what she thinks is best...I know you're done and tired, but just hold on a few more weeks". I told him at this point I'm counting days, "weeks" makes it seem longer still, you know?

On a brighter note, my grandma is supposed to be coming out this weekend. Plus, my mom is taking me over to BrU to get the baby's car seat stroller combo and any other incidentals I may need for baby's arrival...I'm trying to create a list of must haves and it's making my head hurt. I'll have to consult the mommies on the forum for this one. LOL.

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Christine said...

WOO HOO - and congrats to making it to 32 Wks!!! I am with OB1 - bed rest until 35 wks and then slinky can come any time after that :)