Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bored even though it's Sunday night shows...

I'm currently multi-tasking, watching the Sunday night line-up (Homemakeover, Housewives, and Brothers & Sisters) and playing on the laptop. I'm bored. Baby is super active as usual although he's not as painful as before, it's as if his movements are a tad more calculated. He has bigger movements and longer stretches now.

Baby furniture is coming along in spurts...hubby was supposed to dedicate this entire weekend to putting it together, however, he signed up for overtime (and I know we need it) but seriously he only dedicated about 3 hours today. The crib is done - Whoopie! And we have until Tuesday to find missing or damaged pieces to the rest of the furniture or else we pay. He cracked open the dresser box and found the back of one drawer split in two, so I have to make a phone call to replace that tomorrow. I did take some really cute pics of hubby, maddy, and mom in various stages of crib building.

oh, and guess what? Back pain is back in full effect - OUCH!

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CBCD: Candian-Born Confused Desi said...

My sister has a special heating pad that delivers much better heating than the general stuff out there. She was an x-ray tech and knows a lot about this stuff. I'll ask her where she got hers...I swear, this thing will help you. Even if you get it near the finish line/after Slinky arrives, keep it! This thing is amazing for terrible cramps/general back pain.

In other news, because I've been keeping up with Obamamania simultaneously with your pregnancy blogs, I keep picturing Slinky bopping around in your tummy to "Sign, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours"!