Friday, October 31, 2008

Best Kick Ass Maternity Massage!!

When my nurse called at our customary time (Friday's at 2:45pm) she was shocked to hear how happy I sounded compared to last week. Well, when I explained where I just came from she was equally happy for me. It takes me about 11mins to get to Roosevelt Field Mall from my house, so I left the house at 11:20 this morning for my 12pm appointment. As soon as I get there the have me fill out a little spa questionnaire and the second I'm done, my tech, Jaime, was there to wisk me inside the spa. She showed me where the ladies room and lounge were first and then to my room. I was instructed to undress, put on the plushest robe I've ever seen, and she would meet me outside with a glass of ice water. In the seating area, she brings over a little step stool for me and puts this huge bowl on top of it which she fills with this foamy warm green liquid. She puts this warm beaded towel around my neck and tells me to relax while she sets up the bed for me. After about 10 minutes, she comes back, dries off my feet, puts the slippers back on, and escorts me to my room. She spends about 5 minutes explaining the bed and cushions to me, basically the bed has this huge foam cut out for my boobs, belly and knees. Imagine putting an egg in one of those egg cutters but with only 3 slices. She left the room so I could disrobe and get as comfortable as possible. What an understatement!!! I haven't been on my belly in 6 months - BLISS!! I felt soooooooooooo good! I never expected it to be so comfortable! She came back in, we made 3 seconds worth of chit chat and she got to work. Let me tell you, I thought I'd feel the most relief in my back where most of the pain was, but oddly the best part of the massage was my neck. This chick does this thing with her hands where it feels like there are 50 hands on my neck. I don't know how she did it, but I loved!! Slinky actually slept through it - shocker, I know! But as soon as I got home, he was back to his usual shinanigans. The massage lasted about an hour and a few minutes. Afterwards I can't say I felt painfree, but I did feel less tension and more relaxed, so that's a major plus!! And no crying - YAY!

18 more days!!!! Count it down with me! However, I did tell husband that I have a feeling that once I'm off bedrest and the meds, I think Slinky will decide to get stubborn and not want to get out...How would that be for irony??!!


cuz nikki said...

so happy for you....those tables are the best when you are pregnant. And yes I can attest to when you come of meds and they say naw i think i will stay in on my own now. the twins were that way when they had me on meds and the idea was once i come off i "might" go back into labor. No such luck...them bugger waited another 3 weeks...go figure

Christine said...

Oh I know that massage was great!
As for no meds and being stubbon...Aedyn was that way. While on the meds, it was like she was coming anyday now, and then once off, no way mom, I like it in here. And you know the rest of the story.
I cant wait to see slinky!!!!