Monday, November 3, 2008

I am restless beyond belief!!!

I don't know if the bedrest has me going batty or if I'm entering in that nesting phase. I had a very busy morning. I just could not sit stil, primarily started out because of the excrutiang hip joint pain again. Rocking, walking around the living room, sitting in the recliner, nothing has helped to take the pain away, so what do I do? Distract myself from the pain. Let's see, remember how I complained that hubby didn't finish the baby furniture? Well, I took a nice leisurely squat on the livingroom floor and assembled 3 of the drawers. It took me about 40 minutes with a pee pee break. I called the furniture company about the one cracked drawer backer, so we're short one drawer for the time being. Then, I spent a measly 6 minutes putting the musical mobile on the crib and sat in the rocking chair and listened to it until it wound itself out. I had some ravioli for lunch. After that, I laid in bed and filled out 13 thank you cards which I will drop in the mail tomorrow on the way to the doctor's office. That took me about an hour, I did it while watching All my Children (I know it sucks but there's nothing else on at that time and I used to watch it back in the days, so there). Oh, yeah, my hospital bag has been packed since my last visit to the hospital (I don't want to get catch out there again) but I wrote out the list of last minute things that I might forget later to tell hubby to bring with him (you know: camera, battery charger, everyday toiletries, etc.) I did all of that and now it's 3pm and I am itching to get into something else. I need something to do!!

**This kid is really funny. As I'm sitting here typing he kicked me so hard my right boob jumped!! I told you he's strong cuz my boobs ain't little LMAO!!


Bonnie said...

Hey, Pheebs. I'll send you some papers to grade for me. LOL

jlmhazel said...

i am so excited!!! I am still counting! I am sorry u been in so much pain, but its worth it! And every time u let a tear fall down ur face now til then...think of it as a kiss from me!