Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Could next Friday be Slinky's Birthday??!!!!

Today at OB1's visit we did the GBS test as I'm now 35 weeks, no biggie. I'm officially 2 pounds away from being 170 - EESH, that would make it a total weight gain of 26 pounds! Moving on...I told OB1 that while the contractions are still only between 1-3 an hour they're getting more potent, plus I got some mild pressure going on. He asked the obvious question: "Do you want me to check you?" DUH! Turns out the stitch is still quite intact with Slinky's head right on it, of course. However, I am starting to thin out. OB1 is not concerned and asked if I scheduled my appointment yet for the cerclage removal, I told him the nurse in charge of making the appointment is never around when I call. He told me that he and OB2 (the doctor that did the cerclage with my MFM) had a discussion and decided they didn't want to wait until I hit 37 weeks to take the cerclage out. And now in light of the fact that I'm thinning, he wanted to bump the removal to end of next week. He told me he'd have one of the nurses in charge call me by days end to set it up, and sent me on my way. He wasn't joking because within 10 minutes of my drive home (or should I say to Target) the nurse called. My appointment will not be in the office as I was originally told, but instead I have an 8am appointment in Labor & Delivery. Evidentally, they will remove the stick and have me sit for a few to see if anything happens. When I told Hubby that he will need to on-call that morning, his man-response: "What for?" HELLO! Possible son being born! MEN! But I'm not so sure I'll make it to next friday. I had one contraction today at Target that actually made me stop moving, and then I didn't have another one for 40 minutes. It's the new sensation of strong contractions and pressure that makes me feel like soon...real soon. I don't know if any other mother's had this feeling and were right. Plus with the whole thinning out cervix...could be?!


Jo said...

I have been reading your blog, hope you don't mind. I had a cerclage too that was removed at 36weeks. I was thinning and 1cm dilated at removal. I did not deliver until 37.5 weeks and that was only because I was induced. Hoping you have a smooth labor and delivery.

Christine said...

How exciting sweetie! We can't wait to meet him. What a perfect little Christmas present :)