Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cottage Cheese Anyone?

I just had to post this, my son has thee most disgusting, nasty, goopy, thick, cottage cheesy spit-up!! I spoke to the pediatrician about it and he said as long as he continues to put on weight, it's nothing to worry about ...yet. Still, I literally have to stick my finger in his mouth to scoop out the remains after a spit-up, and it does look like cottage cheese. I've never seen spit-up like this before. I have to try to nurse him as upright as possible which is no easy feat (you nursing moms can attest), then I have to keep him up for 20-30 minutes after he's eaten...think about those 1am and 4am feedings!! Not like we're sleeping at night anyway LOL. Anyhoo, I just had to post that.

**P.S. - At only 2 weeks old, Lincoln has found his thumb and commenced to sucking it LOL

***P.S.S. - We started tummy time (thanks to my chat moms) and so far he has a love/hate relationship with it. He lifts his head, coos, or will scream in protest.

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