Wednesday, December 17, 2008


FINALLY MADE IT TO A BAG OF SUGAR!!! The home nurse came by today to put all my present fears to rest. My little man is up to 5 pounds, so my worries about the reflux and projectile vomit are a mute point. The nurse agrees with his pediatrician: as long as he keeps putting on weight, don't worry about the reflux...unless it becomes painful for Lincoln and he stops eating. She did tell me that he might be too greedy for his size and suggested (although I started this on my own yesterday) feeding him more frequently, every 2 hours, and stopping his nursing session if they exceed 10 minutes. His tummy, like him, is too tiny for all the milk he's gulping down. This, she assures me, will help. Unfortunately, that means even less sleep for me. Though, I did pull out the Bjorn carrier to keep him upright more often, and the nurse said that I can use it all day if need be, or even have him nap in his car seat. The more upright he is, the better chance for the food to stay put!!



Christine said...

Oh look at little man!!!!! I missed so much. give him lots of hugs and kisses from me and aedyn :)

CBCD: Candian-Born Confused Desi said...

i wish i could see the photos! :( nevertheless, i'm so happy he's up to 5 pounds!