Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Incredibly Growing Baby!

How shocked was I when the neurotic mom that I am took him to see his pediatrician yesterday because of his reflux and the scale read 5lbs 10 ozs!!! He grew 10ozs in less than a week! My big boy! I brought him in because the vomiting has not ceased and his screams have increased. His doc was happy to see that "Mom is taking care of business!" because clearly he's keeping enough milk down. His ped. gave us a prescription for the reflux (of course, I forgot the name), but basically it's supposed to help his discomfort and pain. I'm to give it to him in the morning and at night through this tiny syringe. Unlike the Mylicon which he greedily would suck down, this stuff gets him to make the yuckiest faces. He hates it! I have to slowly insert the medicine to make sure he doesn't spit it out, which he tries really hard to do. In addition to the medicine, the doctor told me that tummy time is totally allowable as long as I'm present to watch him. I explained that he sleeps so much better on his tummy, when I put him on his back, the gas pains make him shriek as if someone was really trying to hurt him! So as I type this mornings message he's sleeping across my lap. See:

Gotta love webcams!! Doesn't he look peaceful? Not a shred of pain of his face... although... he does have to wake up in a few to eat...betcha he won't budge if I flip him over...

Told ya...oblivious! Alright, now I'll have to take a more drastic approach: change his diaper! He doesn't like those very much and it's a guaranteed way to wake him up. We'll see you later!

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Jen said...

Love his little "faux hawk" hair-do! What a tiny sweetie he is! Wish I could cuddle him up!