Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Sad Days

They say things happen in threes...well, there have been 3 back to back deaths at my job. First was one of our guidance counselors, then my principal that just retired this past June (he was only in his late 50s), and then the sweetest school aide. I cried about my principal especially since while on my visit last week, I wondered aloud about how I could contact him so that he could meet Lincoln b/c he was so understanding when I did the IVF thing to make him. While I'm saddened by his death it has made me paranoid and worrisome over my mother's pending retirement this June. She is also in her 50s and I keep hearing these stories about people who retire and then die shortly thereafter...it's frightening to say the least. That's what I've been contemplating...sad right?

On the happier side, Lincoln is officially the size of an average newborn. 9lbs 4ozs 20ins!! See him on the scale at the doctor's office:

The appointment was bittersweet. Lincoln was super active, following Dr. G around the room, holding his hand while he was being examined, cooing and smiling....until it was shot time. Man, when he got the shots (one in each thigh) he looked at me as if to ask, "Mama, how could you let the bad man hurt me?" His bottom lip was out so far, I thought it would stick there. I just kept saying, "Mommy's sorry" over and over. Of course, the minute I gave him some boob juice in the waiting room on the way out, all was forgiven. I got smiles and my "HI!"

I had to cancel my postpartum appointment for the 2nd time b/c I still have my period after a week and a half (will be 2 weeks tomorrow - GOSH!!)

Then on Thursday, I'm meeting with the priest at our church to discuss Lincoln's baptism...will post details, of course!

Now, I'm going to rush to eat some lunch before my little walnut wakes up (my aunt says he graduated from peanut)...and I lost his binky after burning the first one so he will not be happy when he wakes up and it's not there!! ;-)

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