Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interesting couple of days...

First - HE SMILED AT ME!! Of course when I try to get him to do it for the camera, he looks at me like I'm crazy.

B - After many many months of not seeing her, my bitchy Aunt Flow has returned, and she came back with a vengeance!! I'm in agony, the little Tylenol that I can take is doing nothing for me. Not to mention that there is so much "stuff", I feel like I felt when I finished giving birth! Eww!! I called OB1 to make sure it's normal, he said it is and not to worry...easy for him to say since he's not the one feeling as if he's hemorraging!

III - I went to my school to return the laptop due to auditing and do you all know that after confirming with my #1 fan aka my boss that she would be there to welcome us with open arm - SHE WASN'T THERE!! She decided to stay home to watch the inauguration after insisting she'd be there...and silly me thought I'd watch it with her and the job crew. (Turned out the system was running so slow that only a handful in the building were able to see it...thank heaven for DVR!). It was nice to see my co-workers and the handful of students that followed me and the stroller around in hopes Linc would wake up. He only did to eat for 6 minutes and went right back to sleep. He got compliments nonetheless, I'm going to have the biggest mommy head! LOL.

Quatro - While I was at the job I handed in my paperwork to go on an extended childcare leave. Hubby confirmed that Maddy and I are on his insurance, and we just have to add the baby. So "Peace the Frick Out!" until September! Where there's a will there's a way, and I'll find ways to manage without the money. Less eating out, I'm sacrificing getting my nails done (though Hubby told me don't be silly - Yay!), less driving, no major spending (aside from my brother's pending wedding and Maddy's trip to California - Dad invited her down for a week - Yay!)

5 - Confirmed yet again that the Dept of Education are a bunch of bumbling idiots. My paperwork for the Restoration of Health due to the maternity disability was never submitted (it was sent back in November) and therefore was still pending approval which (no one told me) stopped my current health insurance. That's right, you read correctly! Due to their extreme incompetence, negligence, and "just really busy", myself and the kids have no health insurance! I found out through the pediatrician, and since have gotten a ton of phone calls and bills stating I am no longer covered by my insurance. Can you believe this crap?!! I've been on the phone all morning playing defense and letting billing departments know that it may take some time for them to get their act together and in the mean time please hold all bills to be resubmitted to the insurance company. I won't even keep telling this tired story b/c it makes me so mad!!

Sixth - I am extremely happy knowing that over the next few months I will be able to continue nursing and nurturing my little Linc from home. With God all things are possible!!

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Zoie said...

Congrats on being able to stay home until Sept. He will be so big by then.