Friday, January 2, 2009


6LBS 12OZ!!! I KNOW!! I can't believe my little munchin is rapidly becoming a little fatty! He's got cheeks now! See...
Isn't he too cute for words?! We had our last nurse visit on Wednesday (during the blizzard) and her scale weighed him at 6lbs in a matter of 2 days he put on somewhere between 4-5oz. All Hail Boobie Juice!! Speaking of which, he is getting greedier and greedier, which doesn't help his reflux at all. My poor baby will get such tummy pains and he grunts (sounds much like a little piglet). We finally had the family shower on Sunday. Want a laugh? My work shower months ago was from 1pm - 3pm (mostly white folks, right?) They all showed up on time and by 3:06 they were all on their merry way home. My mom and I kept joking that when we had our family one, it would not be any where near as organized with the time factor. Well, needless to say we were sooooooooooooo right. My family runs on C-Time (Carribean Time) and what that means is the invitations said 1pm - 6pm, right? Wrong? Our first guest and only one on time was my cousin who had a game to go to and she arrived around 1:30ish. Everyone else? They didn't start showing up until 3:30 with a big rush at around 4:30. What time did everyone leave? Not at 6pm was more like 8:30 which wasn't so bad because my mom made it on Sunday and people had work the next day. If it was on the Saturday like it was supposed to be, people wouldn't have left until the wee hours, I can guarantee that!

Anyway, my days are filled with feedings, laudry, cooking (no longer on bedrest so now mom only cooks 2 meals a week for us...rats! LMAO), diaper changes, and very very little sleep. I know I have more to discuss but at the moment, it all escapes me. Plus, I have to pay some bills, upload some pics for hubby, and cook dinner! Eesh! Can Publisher's Clearing House please come visit my house!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I had to add this pic in just because! I call it: "I can get whatever I want with this face"!!

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