Friday, November 21, 2008


Blood Oxygen test = $5000
EKG = $10,000
Vascular Sonogram = $15,000
Catscan = $30,000
Sent home and told I have a really bad cold = PRICELESS!!!

I made the mistake of being out of breath and my heart was racing at OB1's appointment. Then when I mentioned the shoulder pain and the cold, OB1 immediately sent me over to ER to rule out pneumonia. I arrived in the ER at about 12:30. They took 4 vials of blood to run some tests. I had an EKG done and then the doctor came in listened to my lungs, checked my temp, and quickly ruled out the pneumonia, but after talking to OB1 felt there was a possibility of a blood clot somewhere. Bloodclots can present the shortness of breath, racing pulse, palpitations, and pain that I was feeling. The ER doc was visibly worried for me and the baby, and I kept asking, "Are you sure it's not just my preggo cold?" - "We have to be safe, b/c if it is a clot that would present major problems for you and the baby, and I won't release you until I'm sure that's not it". He disappeared only to return a few minutes later to perform a test to check the level of oxygen in my blood. Did you know that in order to do this test they have to take the blood from an artery by your wrist? Ouch! Now I wait, it's about 3pm when he comes back and says my oxygen levels are fine, now I have to have a vascular sonogram of my legs to make sure there are no clots there. I wait. They don't come get me until 4:15, the same time my BFFL shows up to keep me company. Of course, the test takes 45 minutes and she has to leave, so I completely miss her and go back to my empty & lonely ER room. But she does leave me a present in the form of a chocolate covered donut (b/c they wouldn't let me have anything to eat or drink pending any disaster, which meant I hadn't eaten or drank anything since 10:30 breakfast). I take 2 bites of the donut and Doc catches me in midbite around 5:30 tells me there are no clots in my legs, and the final test is to do a Catscan to make sure there are no clots in my lungs. He also tells me to lie about eating the donut or else I'll have to wait several hours to do the scan. So I lie. They come get me around 6:15 for the scan. The scan doctor tries to make me feel better about doing a radiation test while pregnant and explains how the dye won't harm him and that they will cover my abdomen with the lead blanket...however, sometimes there can be a richochet of radiation off the bones...why on earth would you tell a semi-hysterical 34 week pregnant woman that possibility?!?!? I lie down on the machine, get myself calm. They scan me once and I'm fine. Then they put the dye in for the second scan, I'm not fine. It feels like fire is being poured all over my body and coming out of my vajayjay, so I'm back to hysterical. They explain that the heat is a normal reaction and to check myself that no liquid is shooting out of me - there wasn't...but damn it felt real!! They send me back to my ER room and again, I wait. It takes 45 minutes to an hour for the scan results. In the meantime, it's now almost 7pm and I'm starving and horribly thirsty. No one comes to check on me for a good 30 minutes, I can't reach the call button, but finally stretch and use my phone to press it - No one comes or picks up. Finally, one of the PCAs comes in for the garbage (Patient Care Associate) and I'm in tears for him to please call a nurse. Instead the doc comes in and is all: "It's ok, are you worried about the baby?" I'm like, "No, I haven't eaten or drank anything since this morning, and I'm starving and thirsty, can I at least have something to drink" (all of this I say between hiccuping sobs). He's like: "Oh, well everything came back negative and you were right, it's probably just a really bad cold you're experiencing, and now I feel confident to discharge you and send you home". If I had the strength to bitch slap this doctor - MAN!!! Instead, I just asked, "Can I at least have a cup of tea before I leave so I don't pass out on the drive home?" I was finally sent home with a cup of tea at 7:30pm. Can you believe that?! I mean, I know they have to be cautious when dealing with pregnancy, but come on!!


cuz nik said...

ok i was cracking up laughing reading this...i just had a similar experience minus the pregnancy on monday of sitting in the ER all day no food and the cat scan that made you vajay get super hot....i was like ooohh ....did you get the stuff?

Steph and Dusty said...

That is too crazy. I am sorry you have not been feeling well. Hang in there. You are in the home stretch.

Jen said...

RE: the comment about the bullriding...I can't believe I ever did that! It was definitely a combination of peer-pressure and beer! Oh, to be young and childless again! :)

Christine said...

OMG!!! They should have sent you to L&D and done all those my hospital if you 20 wks or more you go straigth to L&D - the ER will no see you if you can make it to L&D.
I am glad it was just a cold though - just a few more weeks girl!!! I can hardly wait - maybe a Christmas present baby :)