Monday, May 4, 2009

5 months and Very Active!!

Lincoln is 5 months old and WOW! I can't even believe it! He talks (baby babbles) all the time...especially if I'm on the phone, he wants to get in on the conversation. He's 15 lbs 12oz now! He more than tripled his birth weight...hard to imagine. He absolutely loves shoving anything he can get his hands on into his mouth now. I'm positive he will cut a tooth really soon!He was just in his Jump & Go playing nicely...check it out in the next post. I love this thing, now I can keep him busy while I take my showers or do my workouts at home. Of course, he got mad I was ignoring him to update you all, so now I'm one hand typing while he pounds on the desk and babbles. (I think he just fired me LOL).

I hardly keep him in socks anymore b/c his feet sweat...any other moms suffer from this, and by suffer I mean finding every opportunity to kiss those stinky toes! He just shoved both hands in his mouth and made himself throw up, he thinks it's hysterical! He loves to try to cram as many fingers from both hands as possible.

Oh, we took pictures at JC Penny's on Friday, and by we, I mean Linky and Maddy. I can't wait to show them off...although we had a really young (in age and skill) photographer. Maddy and I did most of the work getting Linky to smile and in position, with Daddy and a more seasoned photo chick coming to the rescue for the last few shots of him by himself

*he just threw up all over himself and my slippers - EWWWW*

where was I? oh, yeah, I think the pics came out really cute and I will post them as soon as I get them.

Little Miss Madison took her 1st Communion pictures on Saturday b/c her communion is this Saturday (5/9) and she looked amazing. I can't wait to see her make this huge event in her life. We are going to have a luncheon at the house afterwards, and I'm hoping to have a few surprise guests for her...but we'll see.

And by the by, I am so happy blogger made it possible to email and text blog updates!! Now I'll be able to update much more frequently with pics directly from my phone!! WHOOOOO -HOOOO!!!

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