Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day From Hell

I am sitting in church, I know the title is all wrong, having missed
her rehearsal for communion we are at the second rehearsal. Had a
stupid fight with hubby over bread last night that festered all day,
then spent the day running around getting things for her communion
luncheon, bought a scale only to find out i gained weight imstead of
losing weight, Linky was pooping all over the place and extremely
cranky, then I rushed home to make dinner, Linky refused the left
boob...breathe...continued making dinner, back is hurting, feeling
depressed, dads brother died...breathe...then just when I sit down to simultaeously eat
dinner and try to get Link back on that left boob, I realize that we
missed her rehearsal at 4pm...I call the church, but no answer, I feel
the tears welling as I pull Link off of me, plate still on the bed,and
I tell Maddy to drop her food and let's run over to the church just in
case....long story short she missed her class rehearsal but when her
teacher saw me she took me in her arms and said, "Its ok". I just
want my bed ...gotta pay attention now.

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