Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lincoln's first blow out!

Lincoln's been suffering from some horrible cradle cap lately. He will grab, scratch, and pull his hair until it bleeds. The funny thing is his daddy has a tendency to pick and scratch at his head too LOL. Today after his bath, instead of towel drying his hair, I blew it out with the blow dryer on the lowest setting. His hair is so long!! Last night was particularly long as he had major gas and kept getting up. Today he pooped three times, I think it's the teething. We'll see if
I'm right...this blogging from my phone is the greatest!!!


Jen said...

Hee hee! When I saw the title of the post...I thought of diaper blowouts! Ha!

We have been fighting cradle cap, too. Everyone just tells us to use a soft brush while washing her hair, but that only works on bald babies, I think.

Sooo, a lady at work brought me some Selsun Blue shampoo and after 2 uses, it looks like it's almost ALL GONE! Maybe that's worth a shot for Lincoln...

He is such a cutie! Love the hair straight up...I swear I've seen that exact 'do on some of my boys at school! Cute on the baby, not so much on the teenagers!

Deserving Mom said...

Jen, I thought the title would be funny! I totally think the soft brush is for bald babies b/c Lincoln has so much hair, if I don't put it little twists, I can't even get to the cradle cap! And as a teacher, you know I agree with you on blow outs being cuter on babies and not teenage boys!