Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finally Nice Weather!

Linky and I have been working out like crazy for the past few days now. I've got 2 1/2 weeks left before my brother's wedding, and I still have 7 pounds to lose (basically the muffin top - ladies you know what that is!). I've been walking for 3 miles a day at Eisenhower Park, doing my crunches and squats. In my head the whole time I'm screaming "POUNDS BE GONE!!!"

The past few weeks have been extremely hectic. There was my uncle's funeral, which brought my dad in from California and my grandmother in from Trinidad. There was Madison's first communion, which I couldn't very well cancel because it was the first thing that was all about her since Linky was born. Mother's Day my mom and I cooked a huge breakfast for my dad, grandma, and aunt. As you read a few days ago, I celebrated my Mother's day this Sunday, and it was FRICKKEN SWEET!! I'm still on a spa-high.

What's Linky been up to? Well, he can grab both his feet now (during diaper changes mostly), he loves to squeal, he can hold on to just about everything, and my aunt is convinced I've taught him how to torture my mother. Lincoln does this thing with my mom that he doesn't do to anyone else. He gets the baby shakes right before (I swear she must be pyschic, cuz she just called)...any way, he gets the baby shakes right before he grabs her face with both hands, he does this wild scream and then he chews on her face. My aunt says that in baby talk he's saying, "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!" LMFAO He will continue to do this until he gets himself all worked up to crying. My mom loves to get him all riled up, but I'm the one that made him do it...yeah right!!

We're getting close to flipping over, I think, but he hasn't done it yet. His cradle cap has gotten insane lately, and the pediatrician told me to try Head & Shoulders. I literally spent an hour yesterday soaking his scalp in olive oil to first raise the cradle cap up before I could wash. And I kid you not when I say I had a paper towel filled with huge chunks of it. I felt so bad for him because now he scratches his head until it bleeds - ouch! Hopefully between the oil soak and the H&S we'll have better luck! Keep your fingers crossed.

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