Thursday, August 28, 2008

Latest Update on Work???

How's I have no idea!! I still haven't heard from the medical bureau. Evidently, I have to be seen by a dept of ed doctor who would either agree or disagree with my doctor that I am able to work from a wheelchair. If the DOE doctor agrees, they would then aprrove funding for my school to hire me a paraprofessional to push me around. In the meantime, I have to use up my days, and later I can go to abitration to fight to get them back. For a hot minute, we thought maybe I could take a medical sabbatical but I am 6 months shy of qualifying so that got a big fat no from the regional office. It was nice though to be at work and to see my co-workers, even if only for 2 hours as a "visitor". My daughter had a ball pushing me around and complaining to everyone that it wasn't fair her mommy couldn't work b/c they won't let her or nana push mom around. Oh, and get this, my mom teaches too, right, and she offered to donate some of her days to me: You can only donate days to the terminally ill, which makes no sense b/c technically they are dying and don't need them, right? We were always under the impression that at least family members could donate to family - NOPE, Not the case!! I am now absent killing my 8 days until I meet with medical. If I don't meet with them before my 8 days are up then I have to borrow 20 days (that I have to pay back) and then request a 30 day extension. If they don't approve the para, my last paycheck will be 11/15 and I would have to apply for the miniscule disability which would be about 30% of my salary. I'm really starting to see why so many people leave teaching. Once my days are exhausted that leaves me with no time for maternity leave, basically once the baby gets here, I'll be on leave of absence without pay - Can you say YIKES!!!!


Esploratore Americano said...

I think what surprises me the most is how underrepresented disabled employees are at the DoE (while students receive proper rights/funding from legislation). Another reason why I don't regret dropping my education minor. But still, I thought teacher's get a much better maternity leave plan. I know (vaguely) it depends on how many years you've been working, right?

And don't worry, Ms. E! We're all here for you if you need any help. I'm praying for you and Slinky all the time! :)

Deserving Mom said...

maternity leave is based on how many days you have in your bank. when you have kids its hard to accumulate sick days thus why i only have 8!!

Christine said...

Oh my - this is quite the ordeal you have to deal with. Why can't work and disability be so much easier. I hopw that all gets squared away and that you are not left without a paycheck during the most needed time.

Aedyn and I send our love and hugs!!!