Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh, how very tired I am!

First let me talk about the positives:
I did 6 miles yesterday at Eisenhower Park!! Half-jog, half-power walk with the stroller, plus Eisenhower Park has a "Fit Trail" where every couple of yards there is an exercise to do. Now for those of you that have had babies, let me tell you the crunches, sit-ups, or any kind of ab work, is brutal to my (I can only guess) still healing uterus. I feel like I've been sucker punched! My legs are still screaming, but then again since it's raining today, I did my Biggest Loser Bootcamp with Bob Harper this morning with Linky just laughing away in his exersaucer.

Another positive, everyone's attire has been purchased for the upcoming nuptials of my brother in Florida. We pick up hubby's suit on Friday. He and Linky have almost identical matching orange ties!! I can't wait for us to take pictures all gussied up. My dress is orange, Maddy's dress is cream w/orange flowers and brown stems, the boys are in brown shirts w/beige suits and orange ties (sounds weird but looks fantastic). Maddy's dress ties in the ladies with the fellas! I'm a frikken genious! I can't wait!! Cuz a family that matches together...stays together!! I know, I'm corny, so what!

Now...see how's I've been exercising my ass off, right? Well, I'm still getting the same amount of lack of sleep. (Only Linky's just got some cereal so for the past 5 nights he's been sleeping to 4-5:30 am)...anyhoo. Because I'm so tired, on Saturday night, I put the pumping tools to be sterilized at 11pm (we'd been out all day for Maddy's birthday) so that I could pump before I went to sleep. I went into the bedroom, and laid down for a minute to watch The Soup (love that show)...and the next thing I know it's 1:30 in the morming and hubby is standing over me saying, "You know your breast pump stuff is burning on the stove, right?" I'm like "Huh?" and roll over thinking I'm dreaming. Until I hear the PPPPSPSPSPSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH of the water hitting the pan. Then I jump up out of bed and that's when the smell hits me...burnt plastic! I must have still been in some kind of sleep b/c I stood at the stove with a knife trying desperately to separate the parts from the burnt pot and Hubby is behind me saying, "It's too late, let it go". He ushers me to bed and that's when the water works happen. He tried to make me feel better by saying stuff like "there was a reason for me coming home tonight instead of staying at work...between the dog and the smoke alarm you would have woken one got hurt... the parts can be replaced". Then I cried some more cuz the pump is on loan from Cuz (who I called and told before writing this after buying a whole new pump to replace the burnt parts b/c they don't sell the individual parts of you Cuz!!)

Then the worst possible work related news hit home yesterday and I cried some boss called and left a message stating that due to (I guess a trouble maker) she has to put me on late session. What that means is instead of leaving work after 2pm, now I won't be leaving work til after 4pm...thus missing Maddy get off the bus, having to pay someone now to watch her before and after school (no there are no afterschool programs offered at her school), having to pay an additional 2 hours for someone to watch Linky (2 more hours a day that I won't be with him - I'm crying), and now that I'll be leaving work later, I'll have to sit in possibly an hour's worth of traffic to get home! I know it's my turn in rotation but it's still devastating and I don't know what we're going to do now financially, we'd be just scrapping by as it is when I go back to work to pay for daycare. I'm still praying my mom comes through and decides that now she's retired she'll help us out with the kids a little, but it's highly doubtful....anyway now I'm not the only one crying...gotta go!

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cuz nikki said...

think of it like this now you don't have to lug the bag to work...keep one bag at home and one at work and then just transport the parts....less load on your shoulders....