Monday, June 22, 2009

Cried twice today because of these wonderful kids...

I made a surprise appearance at my school's graduation today, and of course the obvious question on everyone's mind is: "Are you coming back in September?" I had to keep repeating myself that hubby just told me again that if the budget will allow for it, he'll make adjustments for me to stay home. Then I came home and Linky hollered for a nap and the only way I got him to fall asleep was by singing You Are My Sunshine while he rubbed my face. Teary episode number one. After his nap I had to rush over to Maddy's school for her first Spelling Bee (only to find out she set me up and there were no other parents but the principal felt bad for me dragging the baby in from the rain and left me stay). She won 2ND Place!! Teary episode number 2. She got a really nice trophy and everything. I'm such a sap!

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