Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy's Father's Day!

I must toot my own horn for a minute - TOOT TOOT! For Father's Day, I planned an eloborate "Manz" Day for hubby. I booked the VIP room of what turned out to be a spot he goes to all the time, RAXX Pool & Sports Bar, and I invited a few of his guy friends and co-workers. It was a complete surprise until Maddy ruined it by announcing his best friend's text on my cell phone right in front of hubby. He told me after that he knew something was up, but didn't say anything b/c of the look that I gave Maddy. Anyway, the VIP room was equipped with a pool table, darts, big screen tv, IPod hook up, stereo system, video game set up, and their very on waitress to wait on them hand and foot. Plus, I made an eloborate show of whipping out a wad of spending money from my bra for hubby to spend as he saw fit. There were no ladies or children allowed, just the fellas...and he loved it!!

So again, TOOT - fricken - TOOT!! I'm a damn good wife!

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